Sazuju General Agencies is a young upcoming and vibrant staffing and recruiting agency based in Mombasa Kenya, managed by personnel with over ten years experience in the field and a network  in over 6 countries in Africa.
we would appreciate supplying you directly or your clients with various categories of workers from our region as fast as possible


Sazuju General agencies ltd expertise is in critical recruitment techniques such as candidate management, interviewing techniques, advertisement writing, resume writing and screening as well as reference checking

our clients also do not have worry about the frequent changes of legislation and legalities of ML&SP because Sazuju General agencies ltd is kept a breast of legislative requirements as a licensed employment agency by ML&S. therefore any information and changes of legislative issues will be informed accordingly.


Guarantee issue is another issue that will ease our client of high risk in-house recruitment if the candidate either does not work out or leaves at their own volition, replacement is offered ton our clients’ via a guarantee period.

as manpower is integral to the successful execution of our clients business and company. Sazuju General agencies ltd is here to provide the one stop manpower solution. every successful company requires the right candidate to work for them. with the right candidates that we provide , we believe that our clients’ business and company will be even more prosperous



We take pride in our selection process and  the subsequent placement of numerous candidates in a vast scope of industries, over the recent years. Sazuju general agencies ltd adheres to a multitude  of ethical codes and thus, apart from our guaranteed professional services, you can also be assured of the confidentiality with which we handle all positions and applications, thereby protecting the rights and interest of both client and candidate. total commitment and an on-ongoing relationship with our clients is a firm min-set within the sazuju General agencies ltd. finally we have a competitive fee structure with a secured guarantee period in a place.